April 30th, 2009

Where’s The Jobs, Jim: Chapter One

by Philip Baruth

Perhaps someone can clarify for VDB how it is that Jim Douglas has ample opportunity to fly to Washington and pitch in rearranging the Oval Office furniture, yet can’t seem ever to find the time to create any of those jobs that his name purportedly equals? Although admittedly, that’s a nice sofa.

Late Update, Friday, 9:39 am:

VPR-reader Bill writes in with a key question:

Hello VDB ,

I demand proof that Douglas actually helped move that very nice sofa. As with so many things involving Governor Douglas, he appears to be helping, he leans into it, but is he actually helping? Frankly he looks a little reluctant to me. He may just be letting the Democrat do the heavy lifting, and then grab the credit later.