June 17th, 2009

RE: This Fresh and Wild New Banner Design

by Philip Baruth

For months now, a certain small but determined group of readers have been militating for a new banner design, something less Bush-centric, something more indicative of our Changing World. Well, militate no more: as you can see, we have a sharp new banner up and running as of today.

Which means that two public thank-you’s are very much in order.

First, more than anything else, Marc Nadel’s caricatures have always given VDB its distinctive visual air. In our opinion, he’s outdone himself with the Obama, McCain, and Douglas renditions above. Second, Ines Berrizbeitia continues to find a way to translate our vague, shambling descriptions into clear, crisp website design. Anyone looking for elegant design sensibility would do well to click her link on the upper corner of the sidebar.

Thanks again, to both.