August 25th, 2009

Stolen Fruit, Always The Sweetest: Enjoy These Dick Cheney House Party Photos

by Philip Baruth

Thought these photos might be of interest: they come from the inside of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s undisclosed civilian location. Some very tasteful items here, if you lean toward cutesy, violent kitsch. Best part about these? They were located on a public site by Wonkette, in a gallery of photos from a wedding reception, and then very quickly pulled from the Internet. But the usual round-robin began, the photos popping up around the globe, and now the Internet has made sure that Dick Cheney cannot pull these visual nuggets back to the Dark Side. So let us view them.

The Cheney brand here is pretty standard and predictable fare. But the nesting dolls are beautiful, because even in that weird format, in the hands of some Russian or Middle Eastern knock-off artist, Cheney comes off looking like the creepiest of the bunch. Including Sadaam Hussein. And what’s with the book display? No copy of Gingrich’s 1945 or Lynne Cheney’s Sisters? Not out in the open, anyway.