October 19th, 2009

In Doomed Bid To Raise The Tone, Today’s First Post Will Feature Undead Deadheads

by Philip Baruth

Okay, given that our last post was about Howard Dean being attacked by a giant bug, you’d think we’d make a point of getting into some serious policy discussion today, just to show our chops. But apparently not: Topic A this morning is, uh, zombies. WRUV, UVM’s increasingly high-quality campus radio station, has just started a segment called Writers @ WRUV, featuring fiction read live over the air.

And last week VDB was a guest, and the story was an unpublished piece called “American Zombie Beauty,” which is equal parts Grateful Dead and Living Dead. Indeed.

If you’re a fan of either sub-genre, and potentially open to a melding of the two, you can find a PDF file of the story at the link above. And if you’re the sort who might conceivably want to complete your Stairmaster workout while hearing a story about a zombie attack up the Mountain Road in Stowe actually read aloud, the MP3 is here for the clicking.

It’s funny: the Senate campaign advisors have said right along that zombies are not suitable material for the campaign trail, and no doubt they’re right. No registered voter wants to deal with the lust for human flesh and Goldman Sachs’s lust for obscene bonuses in one afternoon.

So you have our word: after today we’ll avoid the topic like the plague. So to speak. Thanks to WRUV’s multi-talented Chris Evans for having me on.