October 26th, 2009

How Was Your Weekend? You Know, Danced, Climbed, Saved The Planet

by Philip Baruth

As most of you know, this past weekend saw a huge uptick in activist activity around the problem of global warming, most of it in conjunction with the International Day of Climate Action sponsored by Bill McKibben and 350.org. Not surprisingly, Vermont hosted more than its share of 350-themed events, like this intense yet family-friendly hike put together by Burlington’s Alex Messinger. Beautiful.

Alex and friends, with their own monument to Change.

The kids collected leaves at the base of Snake Mountain, and then used 350 at the top to create an installation. The point of the colorful leaves, exactly?

Climate change threatens your syrup too, dude.

VDB was invited to the Snake Mountain hike, but had a previous 350 engagement: Kathy Blume’s 350 Dance Party at Higher Ground, with reggae band Spiritual Rez.

Environmental activist Kathy Blume, right.

Along with Chris St. Martin and Dan Garcia, the State Senate campaign’s dauntless interns, VDB hawked raffle tickets and generally contributed to the vibe of the 500-strong crowd.

A day of many hopeful signs and portents. But the most hopeful? When Alex’s group finally reached the summit of Snake Mountain, Leahy’s Chief of Staff was already there.