November 18th, 2009

In Which Your Index Finger Changes The Face Of Vermont Politics Forever and Ever

by Philip Baruth

Okay, sorry about the off-color punchline on the t-shirt. But it was Necessary to Make a Point: networking for the 21st century campaign doesn’t just include you, the person who reads VDB on a semi-regular basis. No. It includes your network, including your Mom and her posse, and their networks. All of them, inside Chittenden County or not.

If you’ve managed to miss it thus far, we’ve been growing the into a very energetic networking spot, one that includes all the cheek of VDB as well as comments, for those who like to chime in every once in a while. But we need you and your crew there too. So you want to help make our day? Sign up as a supporter, and put out the word to your FB homepage. We’re talking about moving your index finger, several times. That’s it.

Seriously. That’s it.

And that tiny act honestly has the potential to change this race. See you in Facebook land.