December 9th, 2009

In Which VDB Says Several Nice Things About A Republican Candidate, And Western Civilization Does Not Crumble

by Philip Baruth

It would be incorrect to say that VDB always promotes candidates and ideas from the Left. Over the years, we’ve corresponded productively with more than a few Republican candidates, and occasionally (okay, very occasionally) we’ve promoted them. For example, when Martha Rainville took off her uniform to run for Congress, leaving the AG slot open, we lent our support to a would-be General from Franklin County named Judith McLaughlin, aka “Jude.”

Jude was already a Lieutenant Colonel, with serious experience in the U.S. Diplomatic Corps in Eastern Europe. And she was also a longtime reader of VDB, with a pragmatic, non-ideological bent.

The upshot of VDB weighing in on that race? The AG is now named Dubie.

Okay, whatever. Still and all, it turns out that Jude is now back from making peace in Eastern Europe, retired, and looking to get seriously into the politics business: she announced last week that she would be a candidate for Vermont Senate from Franklin County.

As a Republican. And in this case, VDB has no problem with that. Best of luck, Jude. Make peace here too.