July 14th, 2010

Don’t Forget The Hamburger Summit, 7/17

by Philip Baruth

It’s a political year, and the season for political barbeques. But there is no political barbeque quite like the Hamburger Summit, held jointly each year by VDB and the good folks over at Green Mountain Daily. Why exactly is it so special? Is it the succulent meats drizzling fat into a sizzling fire? The politicos trailing over the beach, gladhanding voters and only weakly denying that they really want another Italian sausage and plate of pasta? Seeing J.D. Ryan subject a random statewide candidate to what is now known all throughout the Vermont blogosphere as the dreaded “Ryan Test”? All of the above, and more. Much more.

The Sign

That’s this Saturday afternoon, July 17, 1-5 pm, North Beach in Burlington. When you hit the beach, head north and look for the spreading Tree of Political Wisdom. Can’t miss it.

And bring the family, and friends of all political persuasions. On Hamburger Summit Day, no man is an island. Even Rick Santorum is welcome. Or Joe Lieberman, even.

Okay, not Lieberman. But still.

the crowd, huddled