August 6th, 2010

Hot Coffee, Free Pastry, And A Whole Lot of Crazy Talk About Changing The World

by Philip Baruth

At this point we have about 1,100 of you connected to the campaign via Facebook, with another couple hundred linked in through Twitter. So in honor of Conversion Month (when we attempt to convert those digital relationships into real-world change and votes), we’ll be hosting our second social media meet-up of the campaign. We like to call it AWOL II (After Work/Off-Line), and it’s hosted by the inimitable Charity Tensel of blogging, crafting, tweeting, and existential philosophizing fame. Should be a nice way to unwind.

A Shot From The Last AWOL Event: Me left, Burlingtonpol’s Haik Bedrosian, and Charity on the right.

The Key Details: This coming Tuesday, the 10th, 4-6 pm, August First Bakery in Burlington.

You can RSVP here, but not to worry if you don’t. Just swing by after work and meet up with a campaign you’ve been following for, lo, these many months. And let’s talk about how to bust out of the digital into the real world, where elections actually happen. Oh, and free pastry, just the sort of thing you crave as you’re wheeling out of the parking lot at work.

Hope to see you there.