August 23rd, 2010

RED DEFCON FOUR: If You Haven’t Voted In The DFA Endorsement Race, We Really Need You Right Now. As In Monday 2 PM Right Now. (Now With Don’t Stop Now Update!)

by Philip Baruth

So we’re still trying to pull out this Democracy For America endorsement, which is decided on the basis of online votes. We were leading for much of last week, but we’ve fallen back into second with about 24 hours to go. So please, if you haven’t clicked through and voted, we absolutely need you now. Just click here; it takes all of 30 seconds. And in fact, we need your friends: Facebook, Twitter, personal email lists. We need you to light up your communication trees. If you do, we win. It’s that simple. Thanks in advance.

Late Update, 11:29 pm:
Okay, we’re currently in the #1 slot again, but that won’t last if people don’t continue to vote. So please click the link above, which is now fixed and operable, as opposed to broke and worthless, which is what it was most of this afternoon. And thanks so very much for taking the time.