October 26th, 2010

Matt Dunne Nets Out The Vote For Us

by Philip Baruth

As most of you know, we’ve been running a final week of Net Out The Vote, a digital push in which everyone who supports this State Senate campaign donates 20 minutes to working their electronic lists on our behalf. And you haven’t done it yet, because you’re busy. We understand. But Matt Dunne is busy too, to put it mildly. Yet Matt managed to send the following letter to his list of supporters yesterday, working it in somewhere among the Google and new father tasks on his to-do list. Just saying. Thanks, Matt. — PB

Matt with his talented wife, Sarah.


Join me in supporting Philip Baruth for State Senate.

With a large number of people leaving the Vermont Senate this year, we have a unique opportunity for new leadership in this critical part of our state government. On November 2nd, you have the opportunity to elect a fresh new voice to this body at an important moment in our state’s history.

I’ve known Philip Baruth for over a decade. In that time he has been a powerful activist in our state, advocating for progressive values and honesty in our political process.

But Philip is not an old-school, traditional activist. He has used his incredible writing skills and ability to listen, combined with the tools of online publishing, to move the conversation forward in a powerful way. Whether it was revelations regarding Vermont Yankee safety or calling out elected officials trying to have an issue both ways, Philip became a powerful force for change as new tools for communication have emerged.

These same skills make Philip the ideal Senator for our time.

He listens carefully, sticks to his core values and communicates thoughtfully in ways that engage all Vermonters. He has a mastery of the issues and has demonstrated through his Service Politics approach that he is willing to work hard to support his community.

makin' patties
The Dunne campaign helped make the very first Hamburger Summit both a smashing success and a yearly media tradition.

Philip will quickly become a leader on bringing broadband to the last mile, developing jobs for the next generation and ensuring we have a strong energy future that does not compromise our safety.

The heated race for Governor has meant other races get less attention, but your participation in a State Senate race can make a much larger difference. I would encourage you to check out Philip’s website, www.baruth2010.com, make a contribution or volunteer in these last few weeks.

With all of the negativity in politics around the country, you have the opportunity to bring a powerful positive voice to our state. Please join me in supporting Philip for State Senate.