October 27th, 2010

Deb Markowitz Also Nets Out Vote For Us

by Philip Baruth

Yesterday we brought you the case of one Matt Dunne, father and Google executive, who yet managed to find time to Net Out The Vote for this campaign: Matt emailed his lists and pages and networks on our behalf, and we thank him again. Today, a second case in point: Secretary of State Deb Markowitz, who has a good deal to do herself, what with being Secretary of State. Still, Deb too found the time to email her lists the following lovely letter yesterday (many, many thanks, Deb). Which begs the question: why do we use so many colons in our posts? No, really: if Matt Dunne and Deb Markowitz can make time to boost this campaign over the finish line, can’t you? — PB

Dear _____ ,

I am writing today to urge you to support Philip Baruth for Chittenden State Senate. Philip has been working tirelessly on his campaign for well over a year and I know that he would work even harder as a state senator to get things done for Chittenden County and for the state of Vermont.

I have known Philip for many years, but got to know him well in 2008 when he and I served as delegates to the historic convention in Denver. While we were there we helped to build a playground for working class neighborhood in Denver. We both believe that it is important to contribute to our community in a tangible way.

Philip has continued his commitment to service politics during his campaign, with projects in Burlington’s Old North End and in Essex Junction. His volunteers refinished the dance floor of the Teen Center in Essex Junction over a year ago.

Like me, Philip is focused like a laser on job creation. He is a longtime advocate of renewable power, and he wants to aggressively come to the aid of small firms focused in that sector, by strengthening the Clean Energy Development Fund and by streamlining the permitting process.

His commitment to closing down Vermont Yankee — revealed again last week to be leaking radioactive material into its deepwater wells — has been impressive. As a commentator on Vermont Public Radio and Vermont Public Television, and in his own writing and reporting, Philip has been a courageous advocate on this issue for the last five years.

Finally, Philip supports single-payer health care for the same reason he supports a strong decommissioning bill on Vermont Yankee: he believes that, in addition to being consistent with Vermont values, both are basically conservative positions. Small businesses need to be relieved of the burden of providing costly health-care, and all Vermont taxpayers need to be shielded from the $1.2 billion dollar clean-up waiting once VY is shuttered.

There are many good people running for state senate this year in Chittenden County. I believe Philip will make a strong addition to the delegation. His articulate voice and fresh ideas will be an asset to the state.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk about why I think Philip would make a great state senator.

My best,