October 28th, 2010

Big Mo: We Got The FREE PRESS Nod

by Philip Baruth

Over the last sixteen months, I’ve been arguing that Montpelier needs to change in certain fundamental ways: state government needs to move more rapidly to position us behind emerging technologies, and it needs to be more transparent and open in its dealings. The State Senate’s rule against laptops and smart phones struck me as a double case in point. To my surprise, and great delight, the Burlington Free Press editorial board endorsed this campaign yesterday primarily for that stance. And in a watershed moment for Vermont new media, they listed experience blogging as a promising qualification for public office. Many thanks, Free Press folk. — PB

Democratic National Convention, Denver 2008: Vermont Obama Delegation [Photo: Carolyn Dwyer]

The endorsement in full:

“Philip Baruth, Burlington, Democrat — First-time candidate Baruth says he will challenge standing rules that prohibit the use of smart phones and portable computers when the Senate is in session, a policy that limits the real-time, two-way flow of information between Senate members and constituents. Baruth can call on his experience as a blogger and especially his familiarity with social media to help drive the Senate toward becoming a forum more easily accessible to Vermonters who might be unable to attend sessions in person. Baruth’s experience on the Burlington School Board will also bring to the Senate the experience of someone who has struggled first hand with challenges of public school spending.”