December 3rd, 2010

How’d VDB Do With That $$ You Donated?

by Philip Baruth

Broadly speaking, the coverage of the Chittenden Senate race this past cycle was non-existent, a brief squib here or there every four or five months. Which is strange, given that 20% of Vermont’s incoming Senate was produced by that single event, an event with greater consequence for legislation than, say, the race for Lieutenant Governor. But a couple of weeks ago, Ken Picard put together a sharp little graphic treatment of the spending in the State Senate races overall, designed to show how much each candidate spent per vote.

Somehow we managed to miss it at the time, but it’s choice. And the beauty part? It illustrates graphically which campaigns maximized their resources, got the most bang for every donated buck. Who spent the lowest total for the highest return, of the campaigns broken out?

You got it, friends.

Now, does all that talk about dollars per vote have the side effect of making VDB feel just slightly whorish, or maybe johnish, when all is said and done? Admittedly, yes.

But like a thrifty whore. So we got that going for us.

Which is nice.