January 18th, 2006

Only Rhode Island Disapproves More

by Philip Baruth

Survey USA releases their state-by-state Bush polling data, and in general it shows widespread discontent.

bushBut for those of us in Vermont, there’s something particularly disturbing: apparently we take a backseat to Rhode Island in our disapproval of Bush’s performance in the White House.

That’s right — we’re #2, people. Only #2. And not even #2 on the approval-side of the question, but tied for the second-lowest approval rate. With Delaware.

Only man in America more bummed than I am to see Rhode Island top out this list? Lincoln Chafee, squishy R.I. Republican up for re-election. Lincoln’s sweating bullets.

Now look, I went to school in Rhode Island, spent four fantastic years there, and I love the place — Providence and Newport in particular. But with that said, there’s no way in hell this poll is accurate.

I find it impossible to believe that any state in the Union — even a place as right-headed as the Ocean State — harbors a deeper mistrust of, or a more pervasive sense of discontent with, George W. Bush than does Vermont. You will never convince me of that.

But fore-warned is fore-armed, I always say. The next time those pollsters call, we’ll be ready, ready to kick out the jams. And we’ll be #1 next time around, oh yes, you can bet your sweet Ashcroft we will.

Word is bond.

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  1. on January 30th, 2006 at 9:52 pm

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