February 4th, 2011

Big Joe Makes VDB’s Dreams Come True

by Philip Baruth

Rarely does such an almost unbearable sense of anticipatory joy pervade VDB headquarters, but then very rarely indeed does one of our favorite people contract to pen one of our absolute favorite sorts of books. But sell VDB’s shoes, because we’re going to heaven:

“Senator Joe Lieberman has inked a book deal with Simon & Schuster’s Howard Books division. Entitled Gift of Rest, the new book will focus on ‘the beauty of the Sabbath observance.’”

And to make it all the sweeter, Big Joe’s ideal readership very much includes “an audience of Christians,” that is, the sort of Christians interested in books about the Sabbath penned by politically toxic also-rans.

One disappointment: there is no chapter on religiously preferable sex practices, with family-friendly photographs of Joe and Hadassah, and “how-to” glossary. Other than that, total win for VDB.