February 23rd, 2011

Update on Pre-K: Money Committees

by Philip Baruth

For those out there with an eye on S.53, the Education Committee bill lifting the current cap on Pre-K enrollment in the state, a very quick update. In a triumph of anti-climax, the bill passed unanimously out of Education last week, and was moved quickly to Finance, for a look at tax implications; simultaneously, S.53 was taken up by Appropriations to look at the financial impact. Education Committee Chair Kevin Mullin and I testified in both committees yesterday, and it’s fair to say that both were receptive, although clearly seeing the bill through the lens of the Great Recession.

the harvest writers workshop

But as James Carville pointed out, when he visited UVM immediately following 9/11, the Land Grant college system was created during the Civil War. Never let it be said that Americans can’t achieve in the midst of tough times. Yes, Carville later lost all credibility during the run-up to the 2008 primaries, and is now widely recognized as something of a dick.

But he had a point, back in 2001. One good point.