February 23rd, 2011

God as Wardrobe Designer: Disgruntled Aide’s MS Reveals Deep Palin Thoughts

by Philip Baruth

Good news for those of us who like stories in which Sarah Palin is revealed to be simultaneously clueless and humorless: a former aide, as you’ve no doubt heard, is shopping a manuscript liberally sprinkled with stolen Palin email. And those quick Palin missives are, as you’d expect, even less grammatically structured than standard Palin-speak. In general they are so very much what you’d expect — condemnations of the press, expressions of loyalty to Fox News — that they don’t offer much in the way of novelty. Hence the disgruntled aide’s troubles peddling the thing.

But the one sweet nugget? Palin dithers over whether to accept a speaking gig at a Conservative forum in D.C. Finally, mid-dither, the organizers give it up, and invite Gingrich. And our Sarah does what she does: she attributes it all to God, who would never let her be stuck on the same stage with such a hack. “Plus,” she adds, “I had nothing to wear, and God knew that too.” What a saint, that God guy.