May 19th, 2011

Governor to Sign S.53, Lift Caps on Pre-K

by Philip Baruth

If you noticed a break in the clouds, there’s a reason: the Governor is scheduled to sign S.53, the Pre-K education bill, later this afternoon in St. Albans. Will VDB make the event? Wouldn’t miss it, under any circumstance. Want to see the magical process in person, pen traveling briefly over paper, and then a change coming over the land: Pre-K for as many kids as there are kids in line, provided their community makes the decision to offer same. Local control and expanded early education, married in one elegant bill. Brilliant. And of course, it makes you consider the path not taken, because would Governor Dubie have signed this bill, even in a substantially weakened form? Never in a hundred billion years. Two hundred billion. Enjoy, friends.

the harvest writers workshop