May 24th, 2011

Pix Proof: Pre-K Caps Now History

by Philip Baruth

There’s an ancient saying on the Internets: “Pix or GTFO.” It’s a shorthand way to say that in our hyperreal twenty-first century America, nothing exists that hasn’t been rendered as image. If there are no pictures, it never happened, which incidentally is why Nikki Haley is currently the Governor of South Carolina and de facto kingmaker in the 2012 GOP primaries. So we assume these quick snaps will be a relief to those of you who were pulling for S. 53, the bill lifting caps on Pre-K education statewide.

The Governor did a brilliant job with the kids at the Blooming Minds pre-school in St. Albans, and the kids seemed appropriately impressed. When told that signing the bill on the table would make it law just like magic, the girl on the far right in the photo above asked, “And then do you disappear?” Which is pretty sophisticated political analysis, when you think about it.

Always have to watch the ones with the tiaras. Many thanks to Alyson Richards for the excellent and timely photos.

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