May 25th, 2011

Vermont Edition Weighs In On the Controversy Involving Overbearing Dominant Freshman Senators, And Their Sudden Tendency To Utterly Silence Their Formerly Very Voluble Senior Counterparts

by Philip Baruth

Another perspective on the “Runaway Freshman” story we ran down last week: Vermont Edition did a very nice hour on the experiences of three first-time Senators, folks who had never served in the Statehouse before. The episode was titled “Frosh,” and host Bob Kinzel walks Anthony Pollina, Joe Benning and VDB through the best of the session, and the worst of the session. Here’s the audio if you’re interested in giving it a listen.

Now when it comes to Pollina, we have plenty of options in the photo bank here at VDB Headquarters. Not so with Joe Benning, and the internet offers scant options for filching. We did, however, find this choice shot of Joe and his wife in, yes, Motorcycle Mojo magazine. That’s right: we said Motorcycle Mojo magazine.

Good people, Anthony and Joe, both stand-up guys and as honest as the day is long. If you’re going to endure a freshman year in any institution, you couldn’t find better company.