June 3rd, 2011

MARK YOUR CALENDAR, For The Olde Hamburger Summit Cometh Once Again To The White Sands Of North Beach, And Woe Unto Those That, You Know, Misseth It

by Philip Baruth

It’s that time, friends, time to wind the ancient blogger’s horn, and call all political junkies, office holders, citizens, journalists, media mavens both new-school and old-school back to the beach of our fondest summer memories. Yes, that means the Hamburger Summit has been officially scheduled, and the details are these: Saturday July 9th, 1-5 pm, North Beach in Burlington. For those who have made the event, lo, these many years, hosts VDB and Green Mountain Daily heartily welcome you back. For those who have done their level best to avoid it, we’re not too proud to beg: please come and drink our inexpensive beer.


The beauty part about this event is that it always draws a choice selection of both online and real-world political personalities, allowing the two to briefly intermingle, and produce non-stop political conversation. And when you add grilled meat and mayonnaise-heavy salads, it’s a four-hour slice of heaven. For junkies, at least.

The Sign

As always, we’ll provide meat and drinks, and the basic fixings. What can you bring? Yourself, and anyone else who likes to kick around the state of the union in the shade of a massive spreading tree beside the blue waters of Lake Champlain, and maybe a salad. Or a dessert. Or your home-made goat cheese.

It’s all good, as the kids say. Except for beer in bottles. Bottles, bad. Cans, good. On the beach, at least.

More as details warrant. And they’ll warrant, baby. Oh, yes, they’ll warrant real good.

the crowd, huddled