August 9th, 2011

Got An Issue With Bachmann Migraines? Tell That To The Guy Who Wrote The Best Book Ever On The Migraine, One Andy Levy

by Philip Baruth

A few weeks back, when Michelle Bachmann was the flavor of the week, and the vetting was fast and furious, America learned that the woman suffers from migraines. It seemed a weak reed even at the time, especially since there were other, far stronger issues out there — such as her documented predilection for every form of government assistance she elsewhere condemns. Or the gaybaiting. Whichever.

But at the time of the migraine flap, I couldn’t help but think of my old college roommate, Andy Levy, who wrote the : A Brain Wider Than The Sky. It just seemed like a perfect moment for him to step out and set folks straight. So I wrote him a note yesterday, kidding him about the missed opportunity.

Turns out I was the one who missed it: he published an extremely level-headed piece on the “phony” controversy with CNN back in July, weeks ago.

Best two paragraphs? The first: “First of all: Michele Bachmann will not be getting my vote for president.”

And the fifteenth: “Thomas Jefferson suffered from severe headaches for several weeks in April and May 1776. If the Continental Congress had recused him from duty, they would have missed what he did when the headaches stopped: write the Declaration of Independence.”

Said this a while back, but if you suffer from migraines, know someone who does, or have no compelling book with which to finish out the summer, got five words for you: Brain Wider Than The Sky.