September 22nd, 2011

Would You Support The XL Pipeline If You Knew It Would Bring Jobs, Peace, And An End To Morning Breath? Yes, or Very Yes?

by Philip Baruth

So, in case it wasn’t clear from the outset, the XL Pipeline would not only produce a lot of environmental devastation on the front end, but a great deal of money on the back end. And when that’s the case, you don’t sit on your thumbs waiting for the people to offer up their opinion of the deal — you go out and make those opinions. And push-polling is a time-tested, corporate-friendly favorite. — PB

Hey VDB,

I hope you’re doing well. Just got a robo-call push poll from the Kochtopus Consumer Energy Alliance touting all the jobs, energy security, and cheap gas prices which, in their view, strip mining for net-energy-loss tar sands oil and piping it from Canada to Texas will supposedly bring. The pro-tar line of questioning wrapped up by asking my gender and whether I was over 50 (it was a land line call.) Just thought you might like to know…

– Dan