January 25th, 2006

Love from Politics VT? We Report, You Decide

by Philip Baruth

A nice thing to note over a coffee roll: Politics VT has added VDB to their short-list of Vermont Political Commentary Sites.

Very much appreciated, especially in that their site has quickly become a standard resource, albeit an occasionally anonymous and inscrutable one.

But clicking on the new link takes you to . . . the homepage of Microsoft. What was the message, I had to wonder. Some deeply nuanced corporate threat? The dark work of Jonas Galusha himself, master of the seven cryptic veils?

We may never know. But as always, VDB appreciates love in whatever form it may take — even the occasionally dysfunctional.

Late Update, 8:36 pm:

The link is functioning smoothly at this point — the dead Governors have worked their magic. Again, many thanks for the listing.