October 10th, 2011

How The Mighty Have Fallen (Now With Video Of Random Putz Throwing Hot Dog!)

by Philip Baruth

Not sure if you caught this, but at the Frys.com Open this past weekend, a crazed individual slipped under the ropes and pegged a hotdog at Tiger Woods. Many ironies here, but the deepest? Tiger Woods never would have made the news at all if it weren’t for the weiner-throwing incident. “I was still bent over [reading] my putt. And when I looked up [the hot dog] was already in the air,” said Tiger. Indeed.

The Tournament’s Director of Security added, and we kid you not, “But it wasn’t a chili-dog. It could have been really bad.” This is the life, now, of Tiger Woods. Which leaves the man only one consolation: he’s not John Edwards, and his own wife wasn’t terminally ill with cancer when the various deals went down. So there’s that.

Late Update, Tuesday:

Here’s that video you’ve been dying to see: insane man, hurled dog, disgusted crowd. Is it me, or does this sound suspiciously like the scene in The Truman Show where the random guy pops out of the Christmas package to warn Truman that none of this is real?