October 14th, 2011

Not To Be Outdone By Hotdog Recently Pitched At Tiger Woods, GOP Candidate Ron Paul’s Eyebrow Makes Own Bid For Fame

by Philip Baruth

The only two interesting revelations to come out of the last GOP debate? That Rick Perry really does, like Barack Obama in 2008, seem to be flummoxed by the Primary debate formats. He absolutely cannot seem to succeed head-to-head against Mitt. Revelation the second? Ron Paul apparently wears false eyebrows, or “brow toupees.” It’s like that.

Like the famous Bush “back bulge” photos, this New York Times snap makes it pretty clear for those with eyes to see. Will that prevent Paulistas from claiming that this is actually Paul’s own actual eyebrow seeking to return physically to the Gold Standard? Of course not.

And less power to them. But boy howdee, it’s a tough world to fake it in, what with HD and all the rest of the fancy tricks the kids are into these days.