January 25th, 2006

Iraq: The Slush Fund Revelations

by Philip Baruth

rumsfeldIf you ever wondered how the 8.8 billion dollars missing in Iraq got to be missing in the first place, the NY Times has a story today that will make it abundantly clear: uncatalogued millions hidden in floor safes, gambling in the Philippines, and every base in Iraq awash in packs of shrink-wrapped hundred-dollar bills called “bricks.”

You tell me: how long before we find out that some of this untagged booty made its way by long, long circle into the pockets of prominent Americans, even into PACS that funded the crucial attack-ad blitz here or there in 2004?

Answer: when we get a Democratic House, or Senate, or both.

Subpoena power. That’s what’s at stake, and don’t think the people who took the money don’t know it.