April 26th, 2006

In Which The GOP Loses a Stand-Up Guy

by Philip Baruth

Some days the mail brings you things that make you want to weep for joy.

The letter below comes from a reader in Buffalo, a registered Republican living in a fairly red section of a fairly blue state. A Bush voter, at least through 2004.

But bless his heart, the guy’s just had enough.


As a registered Republican, I have been keeping close tabs on the Bush Administration as of late, and there is really no way that I can support them any longer.

And I’m not alone. I’ve been talking with co-workers out here in Buffalo, and friends in Vermont, and there is a common thread: Bush is taking this country right into the toilet.

I never liked Bill Clinton, but at least he didn’t take us into wars that we weren’t meant to enter. One of my good friends from high school (who is also an Air Force grad and Afghanistan war veteran) has said that entering Iraq would be a very bad idea. He said this before the war even began. rummy

“The public will not support this war,” he said. “It will be extremely unpopular. Many people will die, and that will turn it into another Vietnam. The only way a war in Iraq would succeed is with public support.”

That’s why when I read your blog this morning, I realized how far the mighty have fallen. I admit. I voted for Bush. I felt that he was, unfortunately, the lesser of two evils. But now, even the religious right that supported the President during the election, is angry with Bush policies.

The so-called moral and ethical Bush admin is gone now. Every Republican I talk to has agreed on this point. You can’t lie to the American people, and then try and justify it with more violence.

Bush’s mistakes are becoming very costly for this country. A 32% approval rate is embarassing. Even more embarassing is the $3.00+ gas prices at the pump. It’s high time that people start voicing their disapproval. I’m glad that you are doing that with your blog.

I wanted to e-mail you these nuggets because some people believe that Republicans are okay with Bush. We aren’t, and these are the people that progressives and Democrats need to reach in the upcoming elections, either in 2006 or 2008.

I can’t believe that I’m saying this but…even if Hillary Clinton ran for President, I would likely vote for her over any Republican with ties to the Bush Administration. I’d be interested to see how many other people out there in Vermont (readers of your blog) have similar feelings. The fence-sitting Republicans are ripe for the picking.

Have a great day and thanks for your blog.


That was beautiful, Howie. And not to worry: we got a big tent over here on the Center-Left. It’s noisy, and occasionally people throw food on each other, but everyone speaks their mind — and everyone’s welcome.

We don’t care where you’ve been. Only where you’re going.