July 28th, 2006

Saddam To Face Precisely Timed Justice

by Philip Baruth

Compulsive VDB-reader Rick has his eye on the Hussein trial, which has seemed to meander along for the last year as though there were no end in sight. That has changed apparently.


I see the Hussein verdict will be handed down in mid-October. Hmmm, I’m looking at the calendar. Anything going on around that time of year? Football? Leaf raking?

Wait, I see it now . . . they want Saddam’s fall to coincide with the apple harvest.


Three months to election day, my friends. The finale of Saddam´s show trial will be just one of a thousand and one spectacles produced by the GOP for the entertainment and distraction of the American public.

Also on the list: head fake toward Iran, and then a surprise attack on Havana, followed by conclusive evidence that Terry Schiavo was neurologically viable — until she was re-smothered by Al Gore and John Edwards, with the predictable complicity of the drive-by media.

Hang tough.