August 30th, 2006

The Fight for Internet Neutrality Heads to Jeffords’ Office — Be There

by Philip Baruth

To our eye, Channel 17 personality Lauren-Glenn Davitian leads the most enviable sort of double life: television host by day, crusader for Internet Neutrality by night (or, at noon anyway).

She is passionate and supremely well-informed on the issue of IN — which essentially involves preserving the internet’s place as the globe’s most egalitarian and democratic medium, and fighting attempts to tax it, segregate it, or slow its activist strands to a crawl.

Lauren-Glenn will be one of a host of speakers at a very important event on IN taking place during the lunch hour tomorrow in Montpelier. That’s Thursday August 31 2006 at noon at Senator Jeffords’ office in Montpelier (435 Stone Cutters Way).

Lauren-Glenn writes, “The event will be attended by community leaders who will speak to the threats posed by current legislation and the vital importance of open internet networks. They will present petitions urging Senator Jeffords to publicly support Network Neutrality, organized by concerned Vermonters, organized by and”

If you can go, do go. Jeffords should be receptive to this pitch. And go here for more info on the issue. If you’re reading this blog at this moment, then you as much as anyone stand to lose — and lose in a historic way — if the net goes the way of telecommunications or cable television.

Or worse, prime time broadcast television (shudder).

Internet Neutrality Pop Quiz, Senatorial Edition:

1) Which Senator “comes up roses” on IN?
(Go Big Chuck Shumer)
2) Which Senator’s stance smells suspiciously like the manure they used to grow the roses?
(Johnny Mac — You had to ask?)

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