August 31st, 2006

The Scud: Football-Playing Folk-Rock God

by Philip Baruth

Now, goddammit, this is what VDB’s talking about.

Nate Freeman, out Northfield way, has been a fan of Scudder Parker’s candidacy from the beginning — and on all the key issues, from renewable energy to universal access to health care to the war in Iraq. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that the man quarterbacks a mean touch-football game.

scudder, at the helm

And rather than let the current polling write reality for him, Nate went at the problem actively, like Dylan: he wrote and produced an anthem for the Parker campaign.

You heard us. An anthem.

It’s upbeat, stirring, and — well, anthemic. Vocalist Amy LaPaglia has dynamite pipes, and best of all it doesn’t run away from the lyrical issues with the candidate’s name.

No, no. Instead it boldly rhymes Scudder with “rudder” and then —even more out of the box — with “butter.”

And that kind of can-do attitude cannot be taught.

Available exclusively at VDB (with generous technical assistance from Le Vermonter at What’s The Point?), here it is kids, that new smash hit, “Scudder, Scudder!” (To avoid crashing the server, please limit downloads to two per household, per hour, per country or state of residence.)

douglas hearts dickAnd why is this sort of push for Parker necessary in the first place? Isn’t Jim Douglas just a gosh-golly mushy middle-of-the-road Republican with a taste for handshaking, and a fairly genial, avuncular personality?

Isn’t Jim just a guy sort of like me with a moderately pro-business bent that — even if it won’t help an awful lot over the next two years — won’t hurt anyone all that much either?

In a word, no.