October 27th, 2005

You Heard it Here First: Miers Officially Toast

by Philip Baruth

Some days you wake up and you feel like a fraud, a failed excuse for a human being. People who try to predict political developments get this feeling in spades. But every once in a while you call it so right it’s magical. Here’s my post yesterday on Harriet Miers:

In the Washington Note, Steven Clemons pegs tomorrow as the day that indictments come down in the Plame Case, with a Thursday press conference scheduled. So let’s say you’re George and the boys. The only way you have to reliably change the channel, at this point, is via the Supreme Court nomination process (the most recent NYC terror-alert-photo-op exhausted that otherwise reliable option for the near term, anyway).

And you just happen to have scratch-n-dent candidate Harriet Miers clogging up the hallways. So why not give the media a day to froth over Plamegate, and then toss Harriet overboard come Friday afternoon (excuse me, I mean have Harriet Miers withdraw to “avoid damaging the President’s important domestic agenda”). Or maybe bright and early Monday morning, after a soulful Sunday dinner with Harry and the kids in the White House residence?

Sounds like a plan to me.

And sure as shinola, CNN just hit the wires with breaking news: Harry sleeps with the fishes. A lot of people think I don’t know my posterior from a hole in the ground. But apparently a lot of people are wrong.