December 20th, 2006

Bush Accepts Poke in Eye With Snark Stick

by Philip Baruth

Missed this classic snippet from the Bush WaPo interview this morning. Can you spot both the Post’s in-your-face to Bush, and the President’s clueless yet self-aggrandizing response? Holiday fun for the whole family.

bush, reportersBush: I do want to say something about the press. I hope you realize that, one, I enjoy the relationship, and two, know it is vital for my presidency. You can’t exist without me, and I can’t exist without you. And I generally respect the hard work of the press corps. I don’t necessarily generally respect every word you write, but nevertheless, I do respect the fact that you’re a hardworking group of people seeking the truth. And we’re necessary for each other.

And that relationship can either be a positive relationship or a suspicious, harmful relationship. And I have worked hard to make it a positive relationship. And I think it is, generally, I do believe it is. And I bear no ill will, and I don’t think you do, either.

The Post: We appreciate that, and you’ve certainly been good for business —

Bush: Good. That’s what decision-makers do, Peter, people who seize the moment and make decisions to lead give people things to write about.