December 29th, 2006

VDB Crashes Fox News; Wreaks Ideological Havoc; Pulls Sheehan from Jaws of Wolves

by Philip Baruth

Apologies for light posting. VDB is on the road, moving from one political hot spot to another, putting out fires, stoking others, but due back in Burlington later today. Currently holed up in the lovely home of a dear but inexplicably Right Wing cousin, and so couldn’t resist blogging this particular piece from his home computer.

Sorry, Paul.

fox, simpson-style

Got a call last week from a Fox News reporter named Kelley Vlahos, who wanted to chat about a number of issues. At the tail end of the conversation, she casually mentioned Cindy Sheehan, and we talked about the anti-War movement for a minute.

It’s fair to assume that Sheehan was the topic all along, and the first 15 minutes of talk just a bit of journalistic misdirection.

And the story that came out of the conversation is predictably biased. But Vlahos was fair to the spirit of our conversation, surprisingly so, in fact.

In any event, if you can handle the cognitive dissonance (VDB/Fox mashed up in one window on your computer screen) check it out.

cheney's got a gunIt’s a near-textbook example of Fox journalism: Is Cindy Sheehan a Complete or Merely a Partial Whack-Job? We Report, etc. and so on.

Late Update, 5:16 pm:

Turns out the above Sheehan post is more relevant than we knew: Sheehan was apparently arrested yesterday in Crawford, outside the Bush compound.

Cheney’s motorcade was said to have been slightly delayed. And hence, VDB can be said to be slightly pleased.