January 26th, 2007

Breaking: Ace Attorney Ed Adrian Notches Narrow Victory In Chic Fur Hat

by Philip Baruth

For those following the Carleton resignation, and the sudden race among Burlington Democrats to fill his shoes, here’s the current state of play in a nutshell: Ed Adrain took the Democratic nomination last night by a razor-thin margin of nine votes.

ed adrian and family

We told you that a carload of eligible voters could swing the thing — and given that the average mini-van seats 8+, we were right as rain.

Haik Bedrosian has been doing yeoman’s work, covering all of the city’s caucuses, and he was on the job last night as well. Good coverage on Burlingtonpol, and an excellent photo montage, featuring Adrian in what looks like an early twentieth-century Kossack hat. Check it out.

And congratulations to Adrian, and his lovely family. We’ll be updating you on this race next week, as the final field comes into focus.