April 19th, 2007

Shumlin Piece Now Up at The Guardian

by Philip Baruth

Anyone paying any attention to the Vermont political landscape over the last week knows that one story dwarfs all others: the strange, shape-shifting tactics of Senate President Peter Shumlin. And nowhere has this behavior been more puzzling than on the issue of impeachment.

shumlin takes the oath

Hence this week’s column in the Vermont Guardian: “Impeachment: Shumlin Shoots Self in Foot, Then Reloads.”

The piece is up now at the Guardian’s site. If you’re not currently a subscriber, no time like the present. Because this is, after all, America. Why wait?

Late Update, Friday, April 20, 10:51 pm:

The shape-shifting goes on: Shumlin apparently moved the impeachment resolution this morning, and it passed 16-9 in the Senate. Shumlin introduced the measure personally, with Jeanette White.

Credit where credit is due: the man knew this was the only way to make it right, and he did so. Res ipsa loquitor.