January 23rd, 2008

A Fund Does Not a Leader Make

by Philip Baruth

Got a fundraising email from the Vermont Democratic Party a few hours ago, and it really takes the cake: it’s from Peter Galbraith, saying more or less what he’s been saying for months, that he’s considering running for Governor, and could we all please pony up $50 or $100 for a generic “Vermont Leadership Fund” to help fund “Democratic leaders on all levels around the state.” Brilliant idea.

Galbraith, seated at far right.

In other words, you give us a chunk of cash, and we’ll provide unspecified leadership ex post facto.

VDB has a better idea altogether: you show some leadership, and we’ll reach for our wallet.

If you want to run for Governor, say so. This applies not just to Galbraith, but any Democrat. This fan-dancing has gone on long enough, well past long enough.

Say what you will about Pollina, and VDB has said more than a few things in heat about him over the years, but he’s running for Governor, and he’s said so. As a result contributors have now put their money where his mouth is, to the tune of $100,000.

Democrats have yet to deliver on their long-standing promise to field an excellent candidate this cycle, and using a non-candidate to raise generic funds at this point only adds insult to injury.

The funds should follow the leadership, in other words, not the other way around. If you see our point.