January 29th, 2008

This Is VDB: In Which Vermont Daily Briefing Readers Are Revealed To Be Themselves (The Johnson Edition)

by Philip Baruth

Like Tom Snyder of the once-great Tomorrow Show, Vermont talk-radio icon Mark Johnson long ago perfected a means of infusing his medium with low-key cool. Always in hot pursuit of breaking political news and insight, Johnson never seems to break a sweat. That smooth professionalism has made him the go-to guy, over the years, whether you have a debate that needs moderating, or a nasty political scandal that needs lancing. An early Friend of VDB, and one we count ourselves lucky to have.

— PB

mark johnson/rudy

This Is VDB: The Johnson Edition
Name: Mark Johnson

Location: I live in your car, your home and on your computer. A little scary, isn’t it? The best part about living in Vermont is getting to come here when you come back from vacations. I’ve lived within walking distance of Burlington for 20 years, which comes in handy when there’s an ice storm, the car’s in the shop or my daughter and I just want a Lake Champlain hot chocolate.

Interests: Long walks on the beach at Shore Acres Inn and Restaurant in North Hero, curling up by the fire with a cup of Vermont Coffee Company or taking a nice hot bath in steaming Vermont Morning hot breakfast cereal. And shamelessly plugging sponsors.

What Brought You Home to VDB: Who else beside VDB would draw the connection between Anthony Pollina’s “intent'’ to run and Larry Craig’s “intent'’ to resign? The Mark Johnson Show, of course. Well, you get the point.

Most of all I like (and always get some nugget or two) from the VDB sit-downs. But what keeps me coming back? The photos. The Santorum family shot. Priceless.

santorum and brood

Current Political Talking Points: How is it possible Democrats have no big-name candidate for governor in a state with Leahy, Sanders and Welch in Washinton? We’re going to pay for the stimulus package with more debt from China to buy more Chinese products. Huh?

Last Word on the Presidential Race: Why have all the candidates I interviewed in NH either dropped out or nosedived?