February 26th, 2008

It’s Time to Play Maim the Frontrunner

by Philip Baruth

It’s time to play maim the frontrunner. On the Democratic side, just as Obama seemed to be within striking distance of the endgame, the media has decided to vett while the vetting is good: from CNN polls about Obama’s purported lack of patriotism, to smear shots of the candidate in Muslim traditional dress, to chin-pullers dissecting Obama’s “cockiness,” everyone in the mainstream media has decided it’s time to paste the pinata but good.

But that’s cold fare compared to McCain’s incoming. Let’s see: potential sex scandal, which morphs into lobbying scandal, which then morphs into questions of basic campaign honesty, without ever losing any of its previous two incarnations.

And today, the cruelest cut of all: Mitt says he may be back. If, you know, McCain gets his legs cut off entirely.

VDB could only be so lucky.