February 28th, 2008

The Continuing Revenge of Howard Dean

by Philip Baruth

VDB-reader Neil M. writes in with some very sharp analysis of the burgeoning Obama campaign. And he rightly attributes a measure of Obama’s startling success in various red states to a certain hometown boy. His last paragraphs put it all into final, lovely focus:

dean, jason
Dean, with Burlington super-rep, Jason Lorber

Dear VDB,

Reports of a well run, well oiled campaign swooping in against steep odds with the type of organizational furor that boggles the mind leave me thinking one thing: Dean’s Revenge. It’s a marvel to hear stories of a solid red state getting a grassroots organization built up from scratch in a matter of weeks. Idaho, Texas, Indiana, Nebraska. Whereas the party’s policy a few short years ago was to just hold on to what we had and work on maybe Ohio (aka the 48% and pray for a few surprises), Dean’s rational dream of a 50-state long-term strategy for change is now showing signs of being more than a dream. The future is far from decided, but it sure is starting to look a lot rosier.

I can’t wait to march down to BED next Tuesday and add my vote to the tidal wave.