March 24th, 2008

NH Phoenix Rises From Cold VT Ashes

by Philip Baruth

For those who followed the 2006 Welch/Rainville race, a very interesting tidbit in Chris Cillizza’s influential Post blog, The Fix: Cillizza has set out to compile a list of the best state political blogs, and he begins by tossing out three personal favorites. Only three, out of an entire blogosphere.

One of which turns out to be Green Mountain Politics, run by none other than erstwhile Rainvillian Christopher Potter Stewart, who once cut-and-pasted himself right out of a badly paid gig at the height of a hot campaign. Martha pursed her lips at the time, and made it clear that she was very disappointed.

But look at it this way: Stewart’s got a hot New Hampshire blog and friends at the Post. What’s Martha got?