March 25th, 2008

Step Away From the Delegates, HRC: VDB Vows to Stop Clinton Delegate Poaching

by Philip Baruth

Last Saturday, I became one of Burlington’s delegation to the State Democratic Convention on May 24th. At that convention, I will do my level best to become one of Obama’s pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver come August. Why? Because the Clinton campaign is now saying that pledged delegates, like super-delegates, are fair game: they can be poached, wooed, pressured, whatever it takes to change their minds.

Obama, VDB

And I want to be there, on the ground in Colorado, physically, in person, so that I can scream bloody murder if I see that deal threatening to go down. And, of course, so that I can blog all the harrowing details back to you.

If you’ll be at the State Convention in May, drop me a line. Always good to have a posse, especially in a wicked tough town like Barre.

Late Update, 1:47 pm:

Another good reason to take a vote personally to Denver: Hillary is now hitting Obama on the Jeremiah Wright issue. Lovely. This should make life even more interesting for Hillary’s remaining African American super-delegates.