March 31st, 2008

The Washington Post Taps VDB and GMD

by Philip Baruth

As we reported a few days back, Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post has been filling out a “Best of the States Political Blogs” feature at his own influential blog, The Fix. It’s meant to be a standing resource for reporters and junkies nationwide. Until yesterday, Vermont had been one of ten or so blanks outstanding on the chart. But no longer.

Now Cillizza has slotted in two Vermont sites: VDB and Green Mountain Daily. Two blogs which just happen to co-sponsor the infamous yearly July Political BBQ & Hamburger Summit.


me and odum

Hardly. The old saying holds true: Grilled meat talks, and bullshit walks. Congrats to the folks over at GMD. A well-deserved bit of recognition.

And thanks, not incidentally, to Cillizza himself. [Elaborate gestures of prostration] We’re not worthy.