November 30th, 2005

Boulder Mad as Heck

by Philip Baruth

You’ll remember that Boulder, Colorado is currently under Brownie-threat, a problem I discussed a few days ago. And so those good people in the Denver area are under incredible stresses. michael brown

But not even the prospect of living with Michael Brown 24/7 can account for the deep level of disgust I’m getting in my mail from out Colorado way.

No, this is Bush, my friends, and how Bush is now covering himself on Iraq.

Responding to Bush’s sound bite of the day — “If [the commanders on the ground in Iraq] tell me the Iraqis are ready to take more and more responsibility and that we’ll be able to bring some Americans home, I will do that . . . . It’s their recommendation” — my man RB writes [I’ve been forced to edit the graphic language]:

It’s Blame Tenet all over again — only this time, they’re setting up the military as the fall guy. What a stunning (and ovoid Rove-ish slick) evasion of responsibility by the Commander in Chief. It’s one thing to delegate, it’s another to sit with your thumb up your *ss, waiting for somebody to say, “Sir, it’s all under control! Bring the boys home!”

He’s basically setting up “our generals on the ground” with the blame if (when) “staying the course” turns into the bloody mistake it inevitably will be. Just as they blame Tenet and CIA “prewar intelligence failures” for starting this war … they’ll blame the generals on the ground for our failures on the ground. “Our generals gave us faulty war analysis, so we couldn’t make correct policy.”

And I’ll bet you good money that smart military men are thinking that very thing right now: “Cheney and Rumsfeld and those White House ***holes are handing us the *hitbag.” And being good soldiers (like Powell), they have no choice but to say “Yes sir!” and grab hold of the thing, and they will be left holding it.

What can I add to this analysis?

A freaking exclamation point.

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