July 20th, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: In Excess of Civic Virtue, VDB Relocates to Sweden For Three Weeks; Selfless Act Hailed By Experts as “More Than Any One Man Need Do”

by Philip Baruth

When you click into VDB, you have a right to information, and not just cursory facts, but deep, in-depth reportage. So when we reported on the Swedish government’s passage of a disturbing package of anti-terror legislation a few weeks back, we knew that a single post could never do the issue justice. No way in hell.

We knew that, if we were to be true to our Ideal Blogging Vision, we would need to fly to Sweden personally, and speak truth to power.

In pidgin Swedish.

That explains the light blogging end of last week, and what may be spotty blogging for the next several weeks: VDB is now in Sweden, a little village called Tjuvkil, blogging from a tiny coffee shop on the rocky West Coast, Cafe Zanzibar (the only broadband for miles and miles). It’s not an easy gig, believe us. But damn it, that’s how committed we are to you, and your need to know.

Still available by email, as always. Still monitoring disturbing Vermont events 24/7, like the Douglas Administration’s comical lock-out of the newly created Vermont Yankee Safety Panel. Still blogging where possible.

Why? To repurpose Heston, they’ll have to pry the mouse from VDB’s cold dead hands before we stop bringing you the politics you crave.