October 17th, 2008

Peter Welch Fires Up the Magic Bus

by Philip Baruth

Maybe you’ve been an avid Obama supporter, but there’s just never been the right opportunity to hit the street for the man. Maybe you’ve had recurring nightmares that New Hampshire puts McCain and Sarah over the top. Maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe you’ve just always wanted to know what Steve Perry really means when he sings the signature Journey ballad “Faithfully.”

Your chance is here: early on the morning of October 25, Congressman Peter Welch will be firing up a bus and driving it straight into the heart of New Hampshire, and he’s hoping to bring a big posse along.

On the agenda: grassroots organizing and canvassing, whatever it takes to convince New Hampshirites that in addition to living free and not dying, they should be voting Obama.

Exactly what VDB has been looking for, because come election night we want to feel that we’ve earned our champagne. We want to tell our children, the VDBabies and Grandbabies, that we briefly got off our dead ass and went to work, one fine day in late October, to put the first African American President into the White House.

Which is to say that VDB loves the smell of History in the morning.

The Magic Bus leaves at 9:15 am from Burlington, and it returns by 6 pm, in time to regale your family with stories of Hope and Change and bad Quizno’s Subs. We’ll save you a seat in the back.

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  1. on October 24th, 2008 at 2:06 am

    […] So you’ve spent the last five days toying with the idea of boarding Peter Welch’s Magic Bus to New Hampshire this Saturday, to canvass for Barack Obama. You got as far as writing the word “Bus?” on the Post-It pad next to your computer. Well, a little straight talk, my friends: Post-It notes don’t get it come Election Day. As Ken Kesey liked to say back when he could write, it’s either On the Bus or Off the Bus. […]