October 24th, 2008

Yes You Are Storming NH This Saturday

by Philip Baruth

So you’ve spent the last five days toying with the idea of boarding Peter Welch’s Magic Bus to New Hampshire this Saturday, to canvass for Obama. You got as far as writing the word “Bus?” on the Post-It pad next to your computer. Well, a little straight talk, my friends: Post-It notes don’t get it come Election Day. As Ken Kesey liked to say back when he could write, it’s either On the Bus or Off the Bus.

Don’t be that guy who has to tell his grandkids, when they ask about the Defining Election of 2008, the one they’re studying in Social Studies for the entire month of February, that you stayed home that one fine day in October, playing Wii golf and eating microwave burritos.

So far a solid group of VDB readers have pledged their fortunes and sacred honor, and there’s still a seat saved in the back for you. We’re on the road at 9 and back by 6, and that’s a very convenient schedule indeed for those who would make History.

And not to worry: we’ll bring the donuts. Both the glazed and the jelly-filled. Because we’re not a glazed America or a jelly-filled America, we’re the United States of America.