November 30th, 2007

Established Corporation With Clean, Safe Reputation Seeks Self-Starter to Prevent Shit From Falling Down Anymore (Plays Well With Independent Inspectors a Plus)

by Philip Baruth

vermont yankee

Always something interesting in the Help Wanted ads. Like, just today, VDB ran across this intriguing opportunity:

Coordinator, Preventive Maintenance
Location: Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, US-Region I (North East)
Wage: Unspecified

Not a bad sort of coordinator to have around, of course, especially if you have an Independent Safety Assessment in the offing — one that will focus partially on lax maintanence that led to the actual collapse of part of the plant in question.

The listed duties are many and varied, but one of them is to develop “what if” schedules. Which seemed confusing at first, but eventually we realized it meant gaming out multiple schedules, each tied to unforseeable future events.

For example, “what if” Entergy creates a limited liability corporation, hands off Yankee altogether, and the LLC in turn declares bankruptcy?

That, presumably, is when the successful applicant’s required “conflict resolution” skills come into play.

[Hat-tip to Lawrence Auclaire, whose website Evacuation Plans first wrote up the job ads noted above.]